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Hair Transplant Costs 

Hair Transplant Procedure Costs:

Strip (FUT) Procedure

(Regular size: fewer than 2,000 grafts)
Strip (FUT) Procedure (Mega Session: greater than 2,000 grafts)
FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction
800 & below $5,500 2,300-2,450 $10,500 Scalp to scalp $8 per graft
850-1000 $6,000 2,500-2,700 $11,500
1,100-1250 $6,800 2,800-3,000 $12,500 Lunchtime FUE session of 200 grafts $2000
1,300-1,500 $7,800 3,100-3,300 $13,250
1,600-1,750 $8,300 3,400-3,600 $14,000
2,000 $9,300 3,700-3,900 $15,000
4,000 $15,500
Call now for your FREE consultation with Dr. Lindsey at +1 703 356 3260 All patients who wish to schedule a procedure will pay a non-refundable first payment of $2,500. Balance of procedure is due on or before procedure. Please call office for payment details. Other Charges In addition to the above, all patients are required to have blood work done. This may be done by your own physician, or can be performed by us. The charge is usually under $250. Lindsey Medical does not profit in any way from this lab work.

Explanation of Lindsey Medical Fee Schedule: As a potential patient you, of course, have no idea how or why we charge what we do for hair transplant surgery. We feel it’s important for you to understand our fee structure and know what considerations we had in mind when we published it. At first it may seem arbitrary, but after reading this page we think you will understand and agree that it is the best way to offer the absolute highest quality hair transplant at the most reasonable price. This structure has worked for us and our patients for 15 years and we believe it will for you too.

To begin, we charge by the session SIZE, not by the GRAFT. The “cost per graft” structure was useful in the past when hair transplant procedures were much smaller, less sophisticated, and less refined. There were no megasessions in those days, no dense packing, no ultra-refined microscopic dissection of the grafts, and little regular work for technicians to build their skills. Because of the low level of hair transplant quality in the past, only a few minimally trained part-time technicians were required to assist the doctor in the completion of a case- and so a “cost per graft” pricing structure was adequate. Now, however, the procedure is completely different-as are the quality of the results. In order to provide the highest number of quality grafts possible today an army of HIGHLY trained full-time technicians must be utilized in every case. Unlike the technicians of yesteryear, these technicians must be well screened, educated, highly trained in microscopic dissection and implantation, well experienced, and work regularly within the same clinic and with the same team of other technicians to keep their skills sharpened. These are the “super techs”. The introduction of “super techs” is one of the main elements that allowed hair transplantation to reach it’s current high level- and you should know MOST clinics do NOT have them. Why? Because a “cost per graft” structure makes them too expensive. When you look at our fee schedule and see jumps in the pricing from smaller session size to larger session size it is because that extra bump in the price represents the inclusion of another technician for your procedure. This is a necessary inclusion in order guarantee the high quality you demand and deserve. When you see the obvious bump in price from Standard size sessions to Megasessions, this means even more skilled and experienced technicians will be utilized for your procedure; along with very specialized equipment that most clinics simply do not have. By charging by the SESSION instead of by the GRAFT all the prices are lower than they would otherwise be even though we still maintain the greatest number of highly skilled and experienced technicians for your procedure. MOST clinics do not provide this important consideration and it is something you should look out for when comparing clinics.

We charge a 3% surcharge for credit card payments.